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Engineering Council
of South Africa


The South African Institute
of Civil Engineering


Our Mission is: It is our duty as the Project Managers to place the Clients vision on the Ground, to the Highest Standards and within Time and Budget

Project managers shall maintain high standards of professional and
personal conduct.

Project managers shall

  • Accept responsibility for their actions.
  • Undertake projects and accept responsibility only if qualified by training and experience and after full disclosure to their employers or clients of pertinent qualifications.
  • Maintain their professional skills at state of the art and recognise the importance of continued personal development and education.
  • Advance the integrity and prestige of the profession by practising in a dignified manner.
  • Support this code and encourage colleagues and co-workers to act in accordance with this code.
  • Support the professional society by actively participating and encouraging co-workers to participate.
  • Obey the laws of the country in which work is being performed.

 Project managers shall, in their work

  • Provide the necessary project leadership to promote maximum productivity whilst striving to minimise costs.
  • Apply state of the art project management techniques and tools to ensure that schedules are met and that the project is appropriately planned and co-ordinated.
  • Treat fail1y all team members, colleagues and co-workers, regardless of race, religion, gender, age or national origin.
  • Protect team members from physical or mental harm.
  • Seek, accept and offer honest criticism of work and properly credit the contribution of others.

Project managers shall, in their relations with employers and clients

  • Act as faithful agents or trustees for their employers or clients in professional or business matters.
  • Keep information on the business affairs or technical processes of an employer or client in confidence while employed, and until such time as information is properly released.
  • Inform their employers, clients, professional societies or public agencies of which they are members or to whom they may make any representations of any circumstances that could lead to a conflict of interest.
  • Neither gives nor accepts, directly or indirectly, any gift, payment or service of more than nominal value to or from those having business relationships with their employers or clients.
  • Be honest and realistic in reporting project costs, schedules one) performance.

Project managers shall, in fulfilling their responsibilities to the community

  • Protect the safety, health and welfare of the public and speak out against abuses in those areas affecting tile public interest.
  • Seek to extend public knowledge and appreciation of the project management profession and its achievements.

"We are hands on Project Managers"
"We do not just hold meetings, we ensure TIMEOUS COMPLETION on EVERY PROJECT!"
"Projects are Completed"

  • on Time
  • in Budget
  • Absolute Quality



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